Lisbon Half Marathon 2019

17 Mar 2019 | Lisboa / Lisboa | Desporto: Atletismo

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The EDP Lisbon Half Marathon is the most popular race in Portugal, gathering every year over 35.000 runners from all over the world.

Holder of the Half Marathon World Record (00:58:23), the EDP Lisbon Half Marathon challenges all the top runners to race it and beat the world record.

With a course along the river shore and a starting at the 25 de Abril bridge, EDP Lisbon Half Marathon joins participants from all ages, social status and running experience, becoming a major popular event.


Meia Maratona (21.097 Km)
17-03-2019 10:30

Mini Maratona (7 Km)
17-03-2019 10:30

Data Nome
11-03-2018 EDP Meia Maratona de Lisboa